Evergreen is the place to go

In Ohio, Evergreen Botanical Gardens offers a lush environment in which to relax, or do your walking without doing laps. Evergreen’s spacious grounds are large enough to get lost, but our sinage will keep you confident as to your location. The scenery will keep your mind captivated with no time to notice you’re exercising. Our botanists take constant care of their charges and can often be seen tending to them during morning and late afternoon hours in the summer and mid-day during the colder months. They are happy to share their knowledge of the foliage and also answer any questions you may have regarding a particular plant.
Our plant selection ranges from the common to the extremely rare. You can find a listing of the different gardens and our offerings under the [Garden] section of the website. For purchasing ease and your convenience we’ve categorized the plants and seeds in the catalog and cross-referenced them so you can sort them to easliy find what you’re looking for. If you click on the thumbnail, a larger image opens in a new window to show you all the information on the plant. Visit our [Garden] section, today!